Why Jewelry Impacts Women Emotionally Personally and Professionally

In history, it was a tradition of men buying valuable jewelry for women. However, today women are buying their own jewelry.

Commercials about jewelry are romantic, sentimental and touching. For instance — The commercial about The Tiffany and Lady Gaga 2017 Superbowl introduced us the sensitive side of Lady Gaga.

Do you believe jewelry impacts you somehow — emotionally, personally or professionally? It absolutely had a huge influence on me when I received a very special girlfriend necklace from my boyfriend on valentines day. It was my first love and we knew each other very closely. Even when we were apart, we could feel each other from miles away. Therefore, I loved every jewelry he gave me. They were very special pieces for me, especially the engagement ring. However, after we broke up, I sold every piece of jewelry he gave me. I felt like that was the only way I could let go the emotional burden he left behind. 

It was the beginning of a new life for me. I started to buy myself jewelry and waited no longer for a man to buy them.

After I got my first job, I bought diamond necklaces and a set of rings for myself. In the holidays after I received my company bonus, I look forward shopping spree and top it off by gifting myself a piece of jewelry, such as a diamond bracelet, necklace, charms or watch. It is a way of praising and rewarding myself. I love precious diamonds because diamonds symbolize durability and longevity. When I think about diamonds, I envision qualities like clarity, durability, and longevity.

Buying jewelry for myself is kind of an instinct way to reward me because it brings certain energy and emotion. Usually, women who have business confidence, financial independence, and self-esteem, are the ones who buy jewelry for themselves. Personally, I believe, jewelry reflects who a woman really is and how she is able to achieve her goals in her life, love, and career. 

When women fall in forever lasting love, they prefer to wear a diamond ring, because diamond shows how cherished and loved women are to the very special person who gave it to them. 

Whenever you want to make someone or yourself feel special, ask yourself what kind of present a woman buys or gifts and make sure it includes special diamonds — the stone of longevity, perseverance and forever lasting love.





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