Top 5 Seasonal Must-Have Jewelry Pieces in 2019

When it comes to being innovative, jewelry designers are thinking out of the box. While some of the designs are non-wearable showpieces, others are simple reinterpretations of these and actually quite cool. 

For Spring-Summer 2019, pieces of jewelry such as chokers, XL earrings, and pearls are on the spotlight. 

Our jewelry collection offers more minimalistic and petite items than what we see on the Runway, yet there are quite some references from walk shows. Those pieces are much easier to wear and still trendy and up to the seasonal trend.

1. Layered Necklaces

It is time to be creative with necklace layering or pendant mingling. The idea is the same with both; turning something small and simple into something grander.

You can do this by taking your own necklaces and pendants and putting them together. This allows you to connect jewelry with multiple emotionally significant or inspirational meanings.

2. Chokers Are What You Want

When talking about chokers, there is no point in circling around it. Chokers are must-have for every fashion lover. Chocker’s have forever been a part of the jewelry community and still play a big role in the jewelry trend market for the year 2019.

3. Longer Earrings

At Givenchy Spring 2019 fashion week, it was obvious that simple and elegant pendant earrings were to remain a jewelry box staple. They were also maximized in size towards ribs. 

4. Asymmetrical earrings 

In 2019, bold and asymmetrical earrings are very huge. You can wear themed, totally mismatched bold earrings or a single over-sized earring. No matter which way you chose, asymmetrical earrings look strong, incredible and trendy. This trend itself represents power, success in career and independence so you can show off your freedom and madness. 

5. Pearls 

Pearls were fashionable in ancient times and they are still very trendy today. Pearls connect us to the vast oceans, the wide unknown, and they represent a special kind of wisdom in welcoming what is unknown and accepting that there is yet much to learn.

No matter where you go delicate or sporty, pearl jewelry sets you apart from the crowd as someone classy and insightful. 



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